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Enjoy the Freshest Organic Produce in St. Louis, MO

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Our patrons’ health and the health of the environment are important to us at ARCH Café, and that’s why we offer organic produce in St. Louis, MO. It is a way for us to meet the needs of our customers without harming our world now and for future generations. To accomplish this goal, we focus on implementing natural conservation initiatives.

At our café and restaurant, we promote sustainability through specific ways to reduce and manage waste. These strategies include:

  • Exclusive Use of Leaf and Bamboo Compostable Service Ware
  • Providing Reusable Box Lunch Bags
  • Recyclable Paper Cups, Cups Sleeves, Napkins, and Soup Bowls
  • Recycling Station On-Site
  • Sourcing Local Products


We Can All Do Our Part

The journey to a sustainable planet includes farm to table food, and it’s not a solo adventure. It’s something that we all can enjoy. You can take part when you’re dining with us or relaxing at home. Practicing a few simple changes can help contribute to Earth’s future health. We’re talking about steps such as only taking the napkins you need and recycling your waste. To this end, we have on-site recycling stations to make it easy.

At home, we encourage our guests to undertake environmentally-friendly steps as well. Simple steps like using less water, recycling material, purchasing hybrid or electric vehicles, using public transit or a bicycle will also help you reduce your carbon footprint. Every little bit makes a big difference.